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Dorfgastein - Gastein Valley - Austria
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Cycling and Biking in Gastein

Is biking your passion? If so, Gastein is definitely the place for you! Here you will find everything your biking heart desires: bike rentals, shops, and routes that are tailored to you.

For mountain bikers and tourers especially, Gastein offers an extensive network of mountain bike trails and side roads with minimal traffic. And for a highly family-friendly, leisurely experience, why not try the Gastein Valley Bike Path: This loop takes cyclists to some of the most beautiful spots in Gastein.

Enjoy a completely new and unexpectedly fun riding experience with these very first self-balancing, electrically driven vehicles.

Monster Scooters
The guided monster scooter and mountain cart tours from the Schlossalm mountain terminal to the mid station have grown into a major mountain attraction: Adults and children are equally as excited by this cool, adventurous way to ride down the mountain.

Action Scooters
Ride down a mountain bike trail on an off-road scooter - this trendy new sport is definitely an adventure worthy of all our sports and motor fans.